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About Us

Welcome to Sodalicious Cocktails!

Our story begins with the genesis of all great journeys – curiosity, passion, and the desire to create exceptional memories. I’ve always had a love for mixing and shaking cocktails and sharing them with friends and family. When I began to experiment with different flavours and methods, expanding beyond the classics, mixology became more than just a hobby- it was a passion.

I began sharing my cocktail creations on Instagram, providing step-by-step guides for fellow enthusiasts. Yet, despite the interest, many found recreating them daunting and couldn’t source the right ingredients. That's when inspiration struck, and Sodalicious Cocktails was born.

Our cocktails are meticulously crafted using only the finest ingredients. Where possible, we like to source local suppliers. We’ve spent many hours researching and experimenting with our unique blends to achieve the perfect harmony of flavours. All you need to do is simply pour, shake for 10 seconds, and enjoy!

So, whether you're sharing with friends at a dinner party, indulging yourself, or gifting for another, I hope the experience will linger long after the glass is empty.



Founder, Sodalicious Cocktails

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